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This online Word to HTML converter allows you to convert your MS Word documents into HTML files seamlessly. Preserve your formatting and make your content word ready in seconds.

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Convert Word to HTML Swiftly

Now you can convert Microsoft Word files to Html quickly without any huge manual intervention, just drag & drop Word documents and save your converted HTML.

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Turn Word into HTML Securely

This Word to HTML converter uses professional security measures to keep your files protected from any third party access throughout the conversion process.

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Change Word to HTML for Free

Turn Word document files into HTML with the help of this completely free online tool. It allows you to perform multiple Word to HTML conversions at no cost.

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A Word file is a digital document created using Microsoft Word or similar word processing software. The file contains text, images and formatting that allows users to create, modify and share the document such as letters, essays, reports, etc on any device. It can be stored into two different formats including “.doc” and “.docx”.


An HTML is a text based document file used to create web pages. The file contains code written in HTML language which defines the complete structure and content of the webpage, it includes text, images, links, formatting etc. Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox , Opera, etc read this code and display its content as a web page.

How to convert Word to HTML online?

  • Upload or Drag & Drop your Word file into the designated toolbox.
  • Hit the “Convert” button and wait for a few seconds.
  • After conversion, simply click 'Download' to export word as HTML.


Why convert Word to HTML?

One of the main reasons for converting Word to HTML is when you want to publish your content on a website or integrate it into a web-based application, HTML is the most commonly used markup language for web content.

Any software installation needs for using this online tool?

No need to install any software to use this online word to html converter. Simply open any pre-installed web browser on your device and access this tool wherever you want.

Can I use this converter on macOS?

Yes, it does work pretty well on all the operating systems (macOS, windows, android, etc) all thanks to its platform-independent capability.

Does this converter affect the formatting of the file?

The text formatting remains preserved because this online converter is designed to retain the original layout of your Word document while converting it to HTML.