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An online PS to PDF converter is a stunning way to make conversions from PS (PostScript) file to PDF document. No sign-up is required to export PS as PDF online with this converter.

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You just need to make a couple of clicks to let this online PS to PDF converter create a PDF document from a PS vector image file.

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No having to worry about the security and privacy of your processing files since they all are erased permanently from the server.

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Fast, secure, and even free PS into PDF converter to convert Postscript files to PDFs for free of charge within no time.

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Why Convert PS to PDF?

PS is an acronym for “PostScript”. In 1995, it is a language developed by Adobe named PDF, which then became a standard for printing and imaging. In these days, most printer models consist or even load PostScript software. You can find that a postscript can be simply recognized by using .ps extension. On the other hand, PDF (Portable Document Format) do not need any specific introduction as it is a well-known universal format for sharing documents, images, layouts, and more. One can get the ease of converting a document from PostScript to PDF. Converting PS file to PDF makes perfect sense to ensure the reliability of the data. You can start this PS vector file to PDF conversion right now with the free PS to PDF converter online.

How to Convert PS to PDF Online?

Just three simple and easy-to-follow steps are offered by this online PS to PDF converter to convert PostScript files to PDF online.

Step 1:

  • Add PS (PostScript) file into the designated box that you wish to convert into PDF document format

Step 2:

  • Once your PS file is uploaded, you need to press the “Convert” button

Step 3:

  • Wait for a while, press the “Download” button to save PS as PDF online

Moreover, this online converter makes Postscript vector file to PDF conversion without losing the formatting.


Can Adobe Acrobat Open PS files?

Along with Adobe native programs such as illustrator and Acrobat, there are several other software that allows you to open a PS (PostScript) file successfully.

How do I turn PS into PDF on Mac or Linux?

This PostScript to PDF converter lets you make export PS as PDF regardless of OS (Windows, Mac, or Linux) and devices (iPhone, Android, or Tablets) you’re using.

How do I convert postscript to pdf in adobe?

In Adobe Windows, you need to choose Edit > Preferences > General to select Adobe Acrobat Distiller settings for converting PS (PostScript) files to PDF documents.

How to convert multiple PS files to PDFs?

The process is quite simple, simply drag all the PS (PostScript) files and let this online PS to PDF converter convert them all into PDF at once for free.