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Use this free online PDF to ODT converter that allows you to convert PDF document to ODT (OpenOffice Document file) format in a couple of seconds.

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Use this PDF to OpenDocument Text converter that lets you save PDF as ODT openoffice file format within matter of seconds.

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Did You Know!

Like Adobe PDF format, ODT document files are packed with hyperlinks that allow users to readily navigate relationships by simply tapping on names. Moreover, ODT (OpenOffice) documents can easily save and transformed into PDF format through a menu selection in LibreOffice or OpenOffice. 

Why Convert PDF to ODT LibreOffice?

The ODT (OpenDocument Text) file was created by OASIS to attain better multi-platform support for open XML-based file format for even office applications. And, even most probably you need to convert PDF documents to ODT files just for allowing word processing programs like Open Office to entirely access and even assist to open the file and make the editing. More specifically, import PDF to LibreOffice to proceed with further editing. So, this is where you require to get our free PDF to ODT converter online that helps to turn PDF into odt OpenOffice file. 

How to Convert PDF to ODT Online?

Use of this online PDF to odt converter that allows you to convert PDF to ODT OpenOffice while keeping the quality high. Even the converting pdf to openoffice is only three steps away, lets find:

Step 1:

  • Drag and drop or just upload PDF file to convert it into ODT online with this tool source

Step 2:

  • Press the Convert button

Step 3:

  • Finally, download the newly converted ODT (Openoffice) file

Besides that. there are two different ways that let you change PDF files to OpenOffice documents:

  1. You simply have to copy the material from the PDF document and paste, and then paste it into a new Writer document
  2. Even you can be able to export and save your PDF document in Microsoft (MS) Word file format and simply re-save it as an .odt Writer file

Moreover, you can convert more than one PDF file to ODT documents with the free use of the online PDF to OpenDocument Text converter.


Is ODT and PDF the same?

Remember that both PDF, as well as ODT documents, are mainly used for storing text in a very generalized form that can be highly compatible across multiple OS and hardware. In simple terms, PDF is referred to as the defacto standard format by Adobe that is best for storing and sharing documents around the internet. While, ODT lets you write and even format personal and business documents that includes resumes, letters, essays, and research papers. 

How to export PDF as ODT?

Follow these steps and lets Adobe export PDF as OpenDocument Text format:

  • At first, you need to open Adobe Acrobat, and then move to the Tools > Export PDF
  • Then, you ought to choose Microsoft Word format, and then simply choose the PDF file
  • Make an instant click on the Export button and simply choose the destination folder
  • Right after conversion is done, the file will be automatically open in Microsoft Word. If not, then you ought to open the converted file MS Word, and just save it as OpenDocument (ODT)

Can I convert PDF to Open Office on the computer, mobile, Mac OS or Linux?

Yes, you can use this free PDF to ODT converter online on any operating system or device that has a web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari).

Can LibreOffice convert PDF to ODT?

No not at all, “.odt” was only offered. LibreOffice can only assist you in converting PDF files into drawings (odg). Text is only outlined as single lines, but not full paragraphs. You need to use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) programmes.