AI To JPEG Converter

AI To JPEG Converter

A free version of an online AI to JPEG converter dedicated to converting AI (Adobe Illustrator) files to regular JPEG images. This not at all affect your original AI file while turning AI into JPEG. 

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Fast Conversions

This online converter can be considered for fast file conversion without any additional software download, upload, convert, & download swiftly.

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Files are Protected

We do our best to offers you maximum security, don’t worry; none of the content of your files will be shared with anyone.

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Fully Free

Get AI file to JPEG file conversion on any device or operating system without any limitations for free, no matter whether it is single or multiple file conversions. 

Why Convert AI to JPEG?

The AI (Adobe Illustrator) extension is entirely tied to the Illustrator software by Adobe System. However, not everyone has access to this program. Thus, you people need to convert AI image file to JPEG image file. When you prefer to share or send image files to outside sources, turn AI to JPEG by using a free AI to image JPEG converter. Also, such conversions take place due to a matter of space. It is noticed that AI file is very large and even space-consuming, whereas the average JPG image file is around about 70% smaller. Remember that the smaller images on websites enable faster loading, which is a core benefit in order to keep customers satisfied.

How to Convert AI to JPEG Online?

Use an online AI to JPEG converter from your device to change AI image files to JPEG image files. The given instruction will help you to process a particular conversion:

Step 1:

  • From the system storage upload AI file or multiple files or just drag & drop now

Step 2:

  • Press “convert”, right after that you just need to wait for a while

Step 3:

  • Quality converted files is ready to use, press “Download” and if there are multiple files “Download” as zipping at once


How to convert AI to JPEG in Adobe Illustrator?

These steps help to turn AI into JPEG with the assistance of Adobe Illustrator:

  • You just have to open the AI file via Adobe Illustrator
  • Then, you have to go to the “File” option that you can see at the top corner of the left side
  • Press the “Export” button now
  • Then save it to desktop or other file location of your choice
  • Now, press “Save As” and choose “JPEG”
  • Then, “Click JPEG”
  • Click “Save” to save AI as JPEG

Can I convert AI to JPEG on Mac OS or Linux?

In simple words, yes, you can, thanks to our online AI to JPEG converter that quickly do such conversion on Mac OS or Linux.