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Our online ICO converter helps you to convert files to and from ICO (Icon). An ICO file format contains an icon that is commonly used to represent a Windows program, file, or folder. Remember that all icons for executable files in Windows are saved in the ICO format. Now, you not only be able to convert image to icon, but also from ICO to different other image extensions with this online ICON converter. Typically, windows ICO extensions store images ranging from 16x16 to 256x256 pixels. And, the older version of ICO files only includes images up to 48x48 that has been previously the recommended dimensions by Windows. Our online ICO converter is the convenient to use that provides you the quality conversions from and to ICO file extensions whenever you need! Moreover, the newer icons come with images up to 256x256 to accommodate screens with higher DPI. Use this free version of ICO converter online to get the ease of conversions between your ICON images.