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An online ico converter that allows you to convert any file to and from ico (Icon) format. This ico file converter is 100% free and even works on all web-based browsers.

Now, we are going to explore all about .ico file type, how ico convert to image files and vice versa, and much more.

What is an ICO File?

An ico file format is loaded with an icon that is specifically used to entirely represent a Windows program, file, or folder. It entirely stores single or multiple images in several sizes, which means that they can be appropriately scaled depending on their use. ICO files are quite similar to .CUR files that are also used in Windows, and .ICNS files that are considered for macOS. Now, you not only be able to convert image to icon, but also from ICO to different other image extensions with this online ICO converter.

Did You Know!

ICO files were introduced with the launch of MS (Microsoft) Windows 1.0. You can see that all the icons for executable files in Windows (OS) are saved in the .ico format. Typically, windows ICO stores images that range from 16x16 to 256x256 pixels. And, the older version of ICO files only includes images up to 48x48 that have been previously the recommended dimensions by Windows. However, you can find that newer ico (icons) loaded with images up to 256x256 to fully accommodate screens with higher DPI. You can now make ico file from a wide range of image formats by using this online icon converter for free.

Remember that each image within a .ico file along with less than 32 bits of color depth stores two bitmaps such:

  1. The And bitmap: it is indicated as the image mask that entirely figures out what part of the icon is transparent
  2. The XOR bitmap: it is loaded with the icon that is simply mapped into the image mask.

Moreover, images with 32 bits of color are referred to as the 24-bit images along with the 8-bit channels for alpha compositing concerns. Besides that, thanks to a free icon converter that lets you convert image to icon file extensions without losing their resolution.

Common ICO Filenames:

favicon.ico: a file that is mainly used to store a small website logo that may appear in several places around a web browser such as the website bookmark, address bar, and webpage tab. Bear in mind that if a site comes with a favicon image, it will entirely appear to the left of the web address when any page of the site is loaded. Moreover, experts depicted that favicon.ico image file should be 16x16 pixels and stored in the root directory of the website that lets the web-based browser recognize it.

How Does ICO Converter Work?

This free ico converter provides you with three simple steps through which any image convert to ico and even convert icon to other compatible formats. Let’s find it!

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

How to Open an ICO File?

Programs that open ICO files are given below:

For Windows:

For Mac:

For Linux:

For Web:

For iOS:

For Android:

For Chrome OS:


Is ICO same as PNG?

Actually, ico is indicated as a specialized file format that is packed with a wide array of images at potentially many different sizes and certain color depths. While a png is a raster-specific image. Now, even you can convert icon to image format and vice versa with the help of an ico converter while preserving original quality.

How do I make an .ICO file?

Once you simply create or import a suitable image into Paint and set it to the correct dimensions, it becomes easy to create ico file.

From the given Paint menu, select Save As, and then simply choose JPEG image from the given menu of file formats. Very next, you have to enter a filename with the .ico extension and save the file. That’s all, you’ve done!

Can .ico files have viruses?

Favico.ico virus is indicated as the infection that lets hackers inject files onto your web-dependent server. You can see that these file are loaded with malicious PHP code that could entirely perform dangerous actions that include creating rogue admin accounts or installing spyware.

Can Photoshop save ICO files?

Photoshop is referred to as a flexible graphics editing program that allows you to create custom favicons. However, if you want to save the files under the .ico file extension in Photoshop, you simply need to download a separate plug-in. Now, even you can easily save any image file as icon format with the free use of ICO format.

What size is an ICO file?

The standard sizes include 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, and 256×256.

What type of file is used for desktop icons?

Remember that icons for games as well as computer websites are saved as a .ico extension loosely said to be the icon files that are saved in an “ico format”. If you have an image that you aim to convert to icon on a device or computer screen, then you simply have to turn a file into the icon format by using a Windows ico converter.

What format are Windows 10 icons?

You can find that Windows mainly uses ico files for its icons. Thus, you have to convert images to icons (ico) format before using them as icons. And, our online ico file converter does all for you in a matter of seconds.

How do I edit an .ICO file in Photoshop?

All you need to extract the downloaded files and simply place them in the plug-ins > File Formats sub-folder that is in your designated Adobe Photoshop location. Now, when you people open the Photoshop program, simply create a new document, make a click on the Save As, and then expand the drop-down menu, there the ico image file type should be an option.

How can I disable website icons?

Whenever you want to disable website icons and replace them with custom or built-in icons, then you simply need to follow these steps:

For Desktop:

For iOS:

For Android:

And, if you want to disable the website icon for a particular item,