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Convert PNG to text format using this online PNG to text converter. This online tool employs advanced OCR technology to read text from PNG images and convert it into editable plain text.

Max. file size is 5 MB & Batch files must not exceed 50 MB

Add upto 10 files at once

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feature quick

Turn PNG into Text Quickly

Pull text from the png file swiftly without any huge manual intervention because this png to text converter only requires a couple of steps to do so.

feature secure

Grab Text From PNG Securely

This tool ensures the security of your files during the png to txt conversion process. Your files will be deleted after processing, and we never share them with anyone else.

feature free

Extract Text from PNG freely

This tool stands out because it's fully free, requiring no installations or sign-ups to get text from PNG images and save it as an editable text document.

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A PNG (Portable Network Graphics) file is a widely used image format known for preserving picture quality without making them blurry. PNG files can have see-through parts, which is handy for logos and icons. They come in different colors and work with many computer programs and web browsers. People like PNG files because they offer lossless flexibility for web and print.


A text file is like a digital document that only has plain words and sentences, without any fancy styles or designs. It's simple and just contains text. People use text files to save basic information, like notes or computer code, and you can make or change them with any basic text program. Unlike other file types, text files are all about showing text in a simple and straightforward manner.

How to Convert PNG to Text Online?

  • First, Upload the PNG image containing the text you want to extract.
  • Initiate the OCR conversion process by clicking on the 'Convert' button.
  • At Last, simply click on 'Download' to save the extracted text in an editable text file.


Why Turn PNG into Text?

Converting PNG to text is valuable for extracting text from images, making it editable, searchable, and easier to work with. It's particularly useful for digitizing documents, data entry, and extracting information from images for various applications, enhancing accessibility, and streamlining data management processes.

How do I convert PNG to Text on Mobile?

It's quite easy, just open our png to txt converter from your mobile and add your png file that you want to transform into text format.

Can I extract text from PNG images on macOS?

This png to text converter enables conversions on all major operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux).

Can this online OCR tool process multiple files at once?

Certainly, this online png to txt tool is capable of converting multiple png files at once into serahable or editable text files for free. It offers batch conversion feature, enabling the conversion of multiple PNG images into editable text format all at once.