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This Jpg to text converter used advanced OCR technology to extract text from an existing Jpg or Jpeg image and save it into an editable text document.

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Convert JPG To Text Quickly

This online JPG to text converter allows you to easily and quickly extract text from JPG images and save it as an editable text without any formatting loss.

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Convert JPEG To Text Securely

Convert jpeg to txt format with this secure jpg to text extractor. Your file's safety is paramount to us, that's why all the files will be deleted once the conversion is done.

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Turn JPG into Text for Free

One notable feature of this JPG to text converter is its complete cost-free nature. Without any need for installation or sign-up, users can convert jpg to editable text 100% free.

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JPG, or JPEG, is a widely used image format that employs lossy compression to reduce file sizes while storing digital images. Developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group, it discards less noticeable image data to achieve compression. This format is popular for photos, web graphics, and other images where a balance between size and quality is important. It supports millions of colors and is suitable for gradients. JPEG files are universally compatible for sharing and displaying images.


The .txt file also known as text file is a simple and plain text document file which contains text in an unformatted way and is usually created by using text editors like Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac. You cannot adjust the formatting, font or styles of your text in a .txt file unlike other documents like word or pdf. The .txt file serves various purposes, including storing code, configuration data, notes, and more, and are highly compatible across different platforms and software applications due to their simplicity.

How to Convert JPG to Text File?

  • Upload the JPG image from which you want to extract text.
  • Click on 'Convert' to start the OCR processing.
  • After processing, click 'Download' to save the extracted text as an editable text file.


Why to convert JPG to Text?

The most obvious reason to convert a jpg file to text is to make your existing image content searchable and editable. Even no matter what reason you have, using JPG to text converter online lets you do it all without any hassle.

Can I copy text from jpg images on any devices?

Definitely, you can copy text from jpg images on various devices, such as computers-laptops, mobile phones, tablets and many more. You can also use this online jpeg to text converter on any operating system (OS) including windows, linux, android, iOS, macOS & linux.

Can I convert JPG to Notepad text files using this tool?

Yes, this jpg to txt converter allows you to save your extracted text as the notepad txt files. In addition to that, users can export converted text as PDF, MS Word, and other formats.

Can I extract text from multiple JPG files at once?

Yes, you can extract text from multiple JPG files at once. This jpeg to text converter online supports batch conversion features, allowing you to convert multiple JPG images into editable text format simultaneously.