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What is a WebP (Google Web Picture) File?

WebP image file is indicated as a lossless format that can utilized for storing images on the web. It is referred to as the derivative of the JPEG image format and even supports nearly all features. You can find that Web pages have come a long way as they firstly was takes into picture in the beginning of 1990s. And, when it comes to 1993, Tim Berners-Lee developed the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) that entirely oversees the development of web standards. Web pages are now written in both HTML and CSS and even provided to the users via HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) requests over the internet. 

WebP is a new image file type that loaded with both lossy and lossless compression for images around the web. It even provided you with the similar compression ratios as JPEG, but with the upside of being lossless and packed within smaller file size. 

What is a Webp File?

In December 2013, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) developed the WebP file format as an open standard. You can find that nearly all web-browsers support WebP and offers optimal compression as compared to the JPEG and PNG while preserving the image quality. If compared to other web image file formats, Google WebP provided a smaller file size with little or even no degradation visual quality. 

Features of Webp File:

WebP is referred to as the lossless image file format that mainly developed by Google. The upside is that it uses Vp8 video and Vorbis audio file compression. Typically, WebP graphics are 25 percent to 34 percent smaller as compared to the JPEG images of equivalent quality and even loaded with 26% to 34% less file size.

  • WebP Google picture supports transparency (alpha channel) and animation
  • The entire development of WebP takes place in the very close collaboration with the Chromium team, an organizagtion that legitmately contributed to the VP8 video codec and the libvpx library

Usage of Webp File:

WebP image file is fully depends on the VP8 video codec and mainly uses the same encoding techniques as JPEG2000. You can find that Webpage file (.webp) is indicated as the standard format to store static images around the web. Images are most probably compressed with the Gzip or LZW algotihms that assists to save space and even can be displayed with a browser by swiftly saving them to the disk and even opening them in an image viewer. 

How to Create and Edit a Webp File?

When it comes to creating a new WebP Google image file, you ought to stick with specific steps to ensure that your file is correctly formatted and even display accuratelt in a web-browser. These are the steps that assists you in this regard:

  1. At first, you need to download and install the GIMP
  2. Move ahead by launcging the GIMP program
  3. Now, you simply need to open a WebP image
  4. This is where you can be able to start editing the WebP file by using different standard and advanced tools provided by GIMP
  5. Finally, you can be able to save the newly edited image as WebP or even export is to other compatible format

How to Open Webp File?

WebP (Google Picture) file type mainly used to store graphics. If you already using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Opera, you simply need to make a double-click on the image, and just opens in your default browser to view it. Alternatively, you can just make a right-click on the image > “open with” > choose the browser. 

Moreover, you can be able to open Google WebP files by using Photoshop. You simply need to drag n drop the image into the Photoshop window. And, if the program is not open it yet, you simply navigate to the File > Open and then ahead to the location of the WebP file on your local device storage. Or, even you can navigate to the File > Import and choose the Web Photo Gallery. A new window prompt to choose the WebP files that you need to import into Photoshop.

How to Convert a Webp File?

In this digital era, mostly people store and share documents as well as photos online. And, if you want to convert WebP file to and from different other compatible file formats, then all you need to stick with some specific steps. 

Step 1: First of all, you need to use WebP converter by theonlineconverter, which is 100% free and easy to use

Step 2: Very next, you need to drag and drop any files such as WebP or different other supported formats

Step 3: Now, simply choose the formats for proceeding with conversions

Step 4: Press Convert button

Step 5: Hit Download and save the transformed files